NEFAR - Northeast Florida Association of Realtors 1st Annual Trash Challenge

NEFAR’s 1st Annual Trash Challenge will begin June 5

NEFAR’s 1st Annual Trash Challenge will begin June 5This year, NEFAR members will be putting extra effort into keeping the waterways of Northeast Florida clean and shiny.

As we all know, wherever trash and litter are found, eventually it will find its way into our local waterways. So, this year, in addition to hosting its annual one-day Clean-up Northeast Florida Waterways events in both Putnam County and along the St. Johns River and its tributaries, the NEFAR Community Affairs Task Force will host its 1st annual NEFAR Trash Challenge. The Challenge is open to all NEFAR members, family, friends, and members of the public.

The challenge will span two months and will begin at 8 am, Wednesday, June 5 and continue until midnight on Thursday, August 1.

The Trash Challenge is a part of the larger Clean-up Florida Waters Initiative hosted by Florida Realtors. NEFAR’s goal is to collect as many 5-gallon buckets/bags of trash as possible leading up to its large community-wide waterways clean-up on Saturday, July 27.

During that time, participants will be asked to collect 5-gallon buckets or bags of trash anywhere they can find it in Northeast Florida. They will be asked to upload photos of their filled trash bags or containers and their progress will be tracked on a special iAngler app. A top prize will be awarded to the participant who collects the most trash at the end of the two-month period. Two other prizes will be randomly awarded to participants who sign up and take part in the challenge.

A “trash” leaderboard will be featured each week on NEFAR’s Member Update so members can keep track of the top five leading participants. A full leaderboard will be updated each week on the iAngler app.

NEFAR Waterway Clean-ups, July 13 and July 27

NEFAR’s Putnam County Waterway Clean-up will take place July 13 from 8 am to 11 am. Participants will launch from Crystal Cove Marina and gather back at the marina by noon for an afterparty where food, drinks and a raffle will be served.

The July 27 Northeast Florida Waterway Clean-up will take place at selected locations to be announced later along the St. Johns River and its tributaries from 9 am – 11 am. The afterparty will begin at noon at the NEFAR Resource Center, 7801 Deercreek Club Road, Jacksonville.

All Waterways participants will be provided with a t-shirt, gloves, grabbers, and trash receptacles.

Trash Challenge Rules

  • All participants must register by filling out all required fields on the iAngler Tournament App or web page.

  • The Trash Challenge begins at 8 am June 5 and ends at midnight August 1.

  • Type of trash collected: plastic bottles, plastic items, cans, paper, discarded fishing gear, etc.

  • Location: – please note the specific location of the area that was cleaned and what type of area it is, ie. waterway, beach, mangrove, roadway, boat ramp, etc.

  • Let us know if it is a large item that requires pick-up.

  • Participants should upload photos of their trash collection during the time specified by the contest rules. No photos of trash picked up prior to the date of 8 am, June 5, 2024, will be considered. The app system recognizes photo time stamps.

  • One 5-gallon bucket or equivalent garbage bag full of trash will count as 1 bucket.

  • Photos of many buckets or bags can be submitted in one photo. Please select an appropriate number of buckets in the photo so it is easy to see how many are pictured.

  • Scoring guidelines: One bucket = One raffle entry

  • If a single piece of trash is larger than a 5-gallon bucket, it will count as one bucket entry. Examples might include tires, broken toilets, washed-up chairs or furniture.

  • Tournament submissions end promptly at 11:59 EST on August 1, 2024.

  • Winners will be drawn within 48 hours of the end of the tournament.

  • Three (3) attempts to contact each winner will be made. If the winner does not respond within one week of the last and final attempt, they will have to forfeit their prize.

  • Tournament Contacts: Mark Feagle, (904) 607-1139; Marcia HodgsonRoland Navarro.

  • The tournament hashtag is #cleanupfloridawaters for Facebook.

  • The tournament Facebook or Twitter address is #cleanupfloridawaters

  • Registration fee is FREE

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