LPT Realty - Listing Power Tools Explained

LPT Realty - Listing Power Tools Explained

Lead Capture Technology created for Real Estate Agents helps Agents who work in the highly competitive real estate world, where every lead matters.

The Listing Power Tools built-in text message lead capture system and the dedicated phone line will ensure that you never lose another lead due to receiving incorrect contact information. Even if a prospect texts in the wrong code or sends the wrong message, the LPT Lead Capture Technology system will still capture their contact information and add them to your lead database.

A local area code for your lead line can be selected which will show potential customers that you are an agent who is connected to the community, knows the area as well as the local market. No more shared lines. With your own dedicated, text-enabled phone number, you’ll get an instant notification for every prospect who shows interest in one of your active listings. Since unique codes are created for each of your listings, you’ll know exactly which property your lead is inquiring about so you can respond quickly and effeciently.

With Listing Power Tool’s integrated Text Capture Technology, interested buyers can text a four-digit code to receive more information on your listing. The lead will receive an automatic text response  just seconds after they send their inquirie which will lead them to your listing’s dedicated property website.

After you join LPT Realty, you will be a Listing Power Tools member and each of your listings will have its own dedicated website. Whether texting the code on your print marketing pieces or clicking on a digital ad, new leads will be instantly directed to your listing's custom landing page which will exclusively feature the exact listing that the buyer is interested in.

Best of all...it's all automatic! You just manage the influx of new buyer leads!

Curious about joining LPT Realty and the benefits offered that set LPT Realty apart from all the others brokers? Click the following link or contact me at 904-325-5222 or email joanie@perfectplaceteam.



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