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    • If the seller is offering a Home Warranty, should I pay for a Home Inspection?

    If the seller is offering a Home Warranty, should I pay for a Home Inspection?

    Home warranty policies have different plans that cover everything from the heating/cooling systems, to the plumbing, electrical and appliances, even checking the garage door openers. Inspecting these areas of the home will safeguard the homeowner from issues associated with owning a home in the future.

    Items that are excluded from the policies will include structural issues, any crawl or attic space, the roof as well as exterior siding- all items that could result in expensive repairs.

    A home inspector will also call out issues found inside or outside the home, building code issues, damage found in the crawl or attic spaces and general concerns with the roof, drainage or the structure of the building. The inspector will also make notations hidden issues or issues that may pose a problem in the future. They can give guidance for maintaining the property and issue a report on the general condition of the home.

    A home inspection is a way to educate yourself on the condition of the home. It can be used as leverage to negotiate the purchase price of the home. The price of the home inspection will vary from a couple hundred dollars upwards to possibly a thousand dollars, depending on the size and condition of the home, as well as the amount of time the home inspector expects to spend at the property. Many home buyers view the home inspection as a valuable report, worth the money to support their decision on whether to purchase a particular property.

    A home warranty does not guarantee that your home is free of issues. Many issues that can arise may or may not be covered by a home warranty. Some home warranty policies will cover the service fees to repair an appliance, but not the cost to replace the appliance.

    In the end, by paying for a licensed home inspection will be the best investment to provide a report on the over-all condition of your home. A home warranty is a nice bonus when offered and paid for by either the real estate agent or by the seller of the property.

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